all the bread.

When we took over Louis Baxters, one of the first things you do is look at what sells. For the food, the biggest selling item was the Banana Bread. This isn't totally surprising when we looked at what was on offer and that banana bread, is well, one of the greatest things to eat, ever. I mean, who doesn't love a slice of Banana bread, just from the grill, hot butter oozing down the sides and those warm, heavy, hearty mouthfuls that pair so wonderfully with coffee. We weren't surprised, but we were surprised to learn how much sugar was in the loaves. We didn't want to sell a product that could be doing harm, we wanted to find a product that was healthy, wholesome and nourishing without compromising taste.

It had to be yummy. It had to be fresh and be made locally. That's when we met Rebekah from Honest Goods Co. I don't know if you follow them on Instagram, but you should. She makes these incredible loaves that are gaining popularity across the city. If you didn't know "Honest Goods Co. was founded on the belief that integrity is the essential ingredient in any good meal.  We list all our ingredients because you should know what’s going into your food and where it comes from. We bake our artisan loaves by hand, to the highest standard, and we only use pure, natural ingredients."

Now, we sell the Paleo(ish) Banana Bread and the Vegan Peanut Butter Cacao Bread - both are free from dairy, grains, gluten and added fructose. Why not come in and give it a try!

FoodOlivia Russell
doughnut miss this

Hey everybody!

Not too long ago, Louis Baxters just had some croissants and raw treats to satisfy your sugar-cravings. Luckily for you we took over and decided to really give you all what you wanted - doughnuts! We didn't want to give you guys just any old doughnut, we wanted them to be big, be bold in flavour and style, be made fresh daily, and we wanted to support another local business. With that criteria, we now have partnered with Mary Street Bakery to give you all the delicious, mouthwatering joy of their doughnuts.

Mary Street Bakery are a power-house institution here in Western Australia. They've made a name for themselves with their flagship on the corner of Mary Street and Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley. Weekends are popular with couples and their dogs, groups of friends mingle about, their food is consistently amazing, their baked goods are becoming the talk of the town, the vibes are always good and they do an awesome cup of coffee! They are also on Railway Parade in West Leederville and have two new locations in the City.

We have their Lemon, Maple and Pecan Doughnuts, Pistachio and Rosewater Doughnuts, and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts all available daily. We haven't abandoned the trusty croissant and now have massive Almond Criossants to select too. We also have the ones stuffed with liquid gold (aka. Salted Caramel) or Jam with Sugar Sprinkles. They're honestly so delicious and we're really excited to have them in store!

Can't wait to see you in!


FoodOlivia Russell
bouncing the bean

Louis Baxters is known for its high quality coffee; one that is rich, bold and flavoursome. Louis Baxter's partnership with Campos Coffee has been a strong one ever since 2011. Under Jay's leadership and his quest for high quality beans sourced locally, Louis Baxters has undergone a shift to a new coffee supplier, Margaret River Roasting Company. 


MRRC is a local Western Australian roastery, located down south in the Margaret River Wine Region and is founded and operated by three guys - Craig, James and Isaac. The boys had a dream to provide the Australian and International market with a local roastery that captures the lifestyle of the wild southern corridor famed for its surfing spots, forests, wineries, farms and food. MRRC maintains a close relationship to the farmer of the beans ensuring the trade relationship is ethical and responsible, and they care a great deal about the quality of the coffee - from how it is washed and treated, to securely packaged and gently roasted ensuring optimum flavour, sweetness, acidity and balance. Their passion for coffee was realised a few years ago and many other cafes have shined the light on their craft, however, as we are doing our best to use local West Australian suppliers, their love and care is what we too are about, and so we're delighted to announce that we will be their flagship store for the Perth region, and we will continue to respect the culture of Louis Baxter's and match its determination to only use the freshest, most flavoursome and consistent bean available for our coffee - for you.


Their House Blend is a gorgeous blend of flavour from Colombia, Ethiopia and Brazil. It pairs wonderfully with milk, but can stand on its own legs in a long black or espresso. It takes you on a journey, with a sweet floral aroma, on first taste its a dark stormy chocolatey feel, hints of toffee, edgy. The next moment is the fruity mouthfeel of blackberry, plum, butter and cream. It's so delicious, warm and has such a delicate balance of acidity. It's spritely and refreshing. We love it as a Long Black, or Espresso - but pair it with milk and you still get the diversity of flavours.


We have 250g Whole Bean Bags in store to take home, or our 1kg Whole Bean Bag - If you really enjoy it, let us know! If you want to learn more, heard to or come in, have a chat with us :)

CoffeeOlivia Russell
a new beginning

Exciting times are ahead for Louis Baxters. It moves into puberty or some crazy-ass time like that - totally reborn - spitting from the fire! - like a phoenix or something totally wild and free - and it's coming together with a group of long-time friends taking over the house. I should probably introduce you - I am Olivia and I am pretty damn excited to get this ball rolling. I'm pretty simple, I like a batch brew every morning, photography and I'm a bit of a tech-head. I have two dogs, and I'm married to my best friend - Alex. He's also partnering up with myself, Jay and Shaun.


So Jay is that cool cat you've known for a long time, he's super nice, really slick and knows his shit. Coffee has been his thing since 2007, he's an incredible Drummer in a band and he loves spending time with Tanya and dog Simba. Jay has been a part of the Louis Baxters ecosystem since 2016 and he's diving head first into the role of co-owner, creating and building strong relationships with other inspiring people pushing the boundaries of what coffee is. Next up, we got Shaun Ford. He's a classic kind of guy. Like me, knows simple is best. He'll be smashing out the bagels, salads, muesli and all that clean-eating goodness. He's been killing it in the kitchen for years, both in Australia and abroad - you might know him from May Street Larder, in East Fremantle. Next to that, I totally forgot about Alex, he's my hubby and we got some twenty years combined experience in this game. He knows his COG from the ROI and the DBA and we just say STFU, just joking.... He's the brains behind it and we have mad respect for him and the numbers he has to deal with. Anyway, I love design, I think of myself as the creative. I'll be checking in on the social media sites and this website, I'll be running out drinks and having solid chats with y'all, and I'm pretty short but I reckon I could definitely be a quarterback in the NFL one day...


Anyway, it'll be really good to meet you all! The place is going to be evolving over the coming days and weeks - we really appreciate your patience with it, to be honest, you probably won't notice anything disruptive as we'll be working through the nights to get everything ready and if you have any feedback or questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask or let us know, and we'll definitely take on any suggestions too. We really respect the culture and the drive behind Louis Baxters - and as much as this place is now ours, it is still very much yours. We're all young, passionate and driven to inspire you to know what coffee can and should be. We're fighters, really, we want to make a difference in the world. We think Louis Baxters can go beyond being just a cafe so stay tuned and welcome to the new and improved, Louis Baxters.

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