a new beginning

Exciting times are ahead for Louis Baxters. It moves into puberty or some crazy-ass time like that - totally reborn - spitting from the fire! - like a phoenix or something totally wild and free - and it's coming together with a group of long-time friends taking over the house. I should probably introduce you - I am Olivia and I am pretty damn excited to get this ball rolling. I'm pretty simple, I like a batch brew every morning, photography and I'm a bit of a tech-head. I have two dogs, and I'm married to my best friend - Alex. He's also partnering up with myself, Jay and Shaun.


So Jay is that cool cat you've known for a long time, he's super nice, really slick and knows his shit. Coffee has been his thing since 2007, he's an incredible Drummer in a band and he loves spending time with Tanya and dog Simba. Jay has been a part of the Louis Baxters ecosystem since 2016 and he's diving head first into the role of co-owner, creating and building strong relationships with other inspiring people pushing the boundaries of what coffee is. Next up, we got Shaun Ford. He's a classic kind of guy. Like me, knows simple is best. He'll be smashing out the bagels, salads, muesli and all that clean-eating goodness. He's been killing it in the kitchen for years, both in Australia and abroad - you might know him from May Street Larder, in East Fremantle. Next to that, I totally forgot about Alex, he's my hubby and we got some twenty years combined experience in this game. He knows his COG from the ROI and the DBA and we just say STFU, just joking.... He's the brains behind it and we have mad respect for him and the numbers he has to deal with. Anyway, I love design, I think of myself as the creative. I'll be checking in on the social media sites and this website, I'll be running out drinks and having solid chats with y'all, and I'm pretty short but I reckon I could definitely be a quarterback in the NFL one day...


Anyway, it'll be really good to meet you all! The place is going to be evolving over the coming days and weeks - we really appreciate your patience with it, to be honest, you probably won't notice anything disruptive as we'll be working through the nights to get everything ready and if you have any feedback or questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask or let us know, and we'll definitely take on any suggestions too. We really respect the culture and the drive behind Louis Baxters - and as much as this place is now ours, it is still very much yours. We're all young, passionate and driven to inspire you to know what coffee can and should be. We're fighters, really, we want to make a difference in the world. We think Louis Baxters can go beyond being just a cafe so stay tuned and welcome to the new and improved, Louis Baxters.

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