doughnut miss this

Hey everybody!

Not too long ago, Louis Baxters just had some croissants and raw treats to satisfy your sugar-cravings. Luckily for you we took over and decided to really give you all what you wanted - doughnuts! We didn't want to give you guys just any old doughnut, we wanted them to be big, be bold in flavour and style, be made fresh daily, and we wanted to support another local business. With that criteria, we now have partnered with Mary Street Bakery to give you all the delicious, mouthwatering joy of their doughnuts.

Mary Street Bakery are a power-house institution here in Western Australia. They've made a name for themselves with their flagship on the corner of Mary Street and Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley. Weekends are popular with couples and their dogs, groups of friends mingle about, their food is consistently amazing, their baked goods are becoming the talk of the town, the vibes are always good and they do an awesome cup of coffee! They are also on Railway Parade in West Leederville and have two new locations in the City.

We have their Lemon, Maple and Pecan Doughnuts, Pistachio and Rosewater Doughnuts, and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts all available daily. We haven't abandoned the trusty croissant and now have massive Almond Criossants to select too. We also have the ones stuffed with liquid gold (aka. Salted Caramel) or Jam with Sugar Sprinkles. They're honestly so delicious and we're really excited to have them in store!

Can't wait to see you in!


FoodOlivia Russell