laika Roasters


Laika Roasters is a new roastery based in Lathlain, in Western Australia.
The name "Laika" comes from the Soviet space dog who, in 1957, became the first animal to orbit the Earth.
It is with the greatest respect to Laika, and her one-way journey, that Laika Roasters approach coffee with the same sense of limitless discovery.
Their coffee is carefully selected and roasted precisely to ensure the most flavour and complexity in it's profile as possible.

Currently, all white coffees are produced with a bean sourced from La Plata, in Huila, southwest Colombia.
This bean pairs beautifully with milk, bringing a chocolate, malt and peach flavour to the cup.


Currently, all black coffees are produced with a bean sourced from Gera, in the highlands of Ethiopia.
The coffee from this bean is carefully extracted to give you a taste of orange, cola and vanilla.


Come on in and try something new, something truly special and rare.